Transformers combatants-giant robot fights

The new Transformers movie is soon to come out and its no surprise that games connected to the movie also surface for fans to play.  And that is what we will talk about today! Yes this particular game is created by the well-known mobile game developer named Kabam. This is a company that has managed to make a very large place in the mobile market with its great games like Marvel Comics contest of Champions.

Today it is the turn of the new game made on the franchise of Transformers called Transformers combatants or also known in English by Transformers forged to fight.

Lead the Autobots and Triumph

In Transformers combatants The Transformers of the entire history of the franchise are being drawn to the battle by a mysterious enemy and also with this to many confrontations. The characters of the first generation, the wars of the Beasts, the Michael Bayverse and more confront each other in battles one by one for the resources that are in this mysterious place and to be able to show who dominates that place.

We are facing an evolution of the graphic engine of the game Marvel Comics contest of champion, the new addition would be that of an element for 3d movement through a sidestepping mechanic.

Simple game form and beast Combos

You have a surprising amount of control over your bot. Everything is blows and blows but you can change the distance between you and your enemy to change your options. Combining different attacks is the key here, as well as making sure you’re not getting a beating from your enemy by using blocks and dodging.

Overcome all obstacles and enter the Multi player mode

Each stage is a map with branching paths. Allowing players to deviate from the path of least resistance in order to fight powerful enemies for more substantial rewards.

On the multiplayer side, each player gets a base where they can harvest resources, assigning unused bots to protect themselves from invading others. Players can also form Participating alliances in alliance battles for even greater rewards. It’s pretty standard free to play.

Get new transformers and build your team

As in most games, the essential thing is to collect as many characters as you can and then see how they hit others. The new bots come through crystals won through the game or bought with real-world money. It’s pretty random. Getting a character you love is a great feeling.

There is a rock-paper-scissors style system that gives certain advantages of robots over others. So you have to control that you use the best robots for that occasion.
We also have a team of three robots that we can choose from. There is a larger list of other units that can be swapped at the beginning of the missions since the fighting style is different in each robot.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Transformers combatants is good and fluent, for those who already played the game of Marvel Comics contest of champion, it will seem the same. The difference is that the gameplay is improved to conform to what would be the Transformers with new dynamics and combos. Unlike that it’s identical to all the 3d fighting games.

Graphics Transitions

The game presents very good graphics especially when we talk about the designs of the bots and the scenarios themselves. The game looks great when you play on a high-end mobile. But still using a mobile that is not of that range, you can enjoy some very good graphics.

Sound and Effects

In this section it has very good musical ambience but can go back tedious and repetitive when you take a good time playing. Apart from that it has very sound section.

And we Conclude…
Transformers combatants are attractive graphically and are very well made 3d animations. Especially when the bots move sideways. The game is entertaining and its story is good, you don’t need to spend real money to have an experience to 100%. This demonstrates the great potential of Kabam to perform triple-A games.

The negative I can find would be that it is almost the same as Marvel Comics contest of champion, but with Transformers and another story, but the rest for me fulfills his mission, which is entertaining.

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