Forza 7 will be seen on Xbox One X as in an Expensive PC

Chris Tector is one of the leading creative managers of Forza Motorsport 7, and has spoken with the digital foundry portal about some aspects of technological interest on the driving title they are waiting to launch this same year.
“Instead of trying to make you with a pc of several thousand dollars you can get to move with that quality to this game, we will have people playing in console to 4 K native and 60 frames per second.” “It’s going to be awesome,” says Tector. “It is very important for us to have a native resolution because we want to have the surface estimations for each pixel (…)” “Even 4 K we still have a little bit of sawtooth, but it’s the kind of thing we’re fighting for in the future with a lot of work.”
“Even when you’re going to see a movie and it’s projected into 4 K you keep watching a compressed video and running at 24 frames per second,” said the executive. “In 4 K games you’re looking at the cleanest and least-compressed pixels you can see, and at 60 frames per second.” “And the cool thing is that we’re getting this standard for console players.”
Yes, you’ve gotten into a conversation I didn’t talk to you about and then I got involved, so you have to have little shame to accuse anyone of getting into a conversation when you’ve done the same thing. It is easy to understand, of course if you do not know or want to do a click the same is asking too much.
A PC of 500 euros lasts the same as the console, you have to be ignorant to say the opposite. While the console receives games these will have a minimum that a similar hardware can support, what is not going to make a PC of 500 euros is to move all the games in ultra neither today nor in a few years, exactly like the console.
I don’t give a damn if you’re interested in the console or not, if you laws what comments apart from seeing various budgets you would see as I do not try to condition or recommend where anyone has to play, that everyone play where you want, would be more.
The news tells that X moves the games as a PC of “thousands of dollars” stick to it and not marees. There are several budgets of just over 500 euros that not only match it but surpass it. Disassembled fallacy. If you want to put an SSD to the PC when x does not take it, if you want to talk about future performance and others are making excuses and you’re going by the tangent.
You can try to divert what you want, I’m not going to leave a comma of what is spoken, with others like you work the damage but with me I’m sorry but no, not even if you proclaim sea bream.