Sony justifies the lack of indies at the E3 conference: “They are less relevant now”

Jim Ryan, big of sales and marketing of the global division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has starred in an interesting interview with Games Industry in which he has not hesitated to offer his personal vision on the conference of his company in the past E3 2017. Without any hair on his tongue, as he demonstrated a few days ago when it comes to talking about Retro compatibility and the PlayStation brand, he wanted to justify the absence of independent games during the conference. Ryan was very opposed to the clips that unite several independent video games in one space. He explained that “one of the things we have noticed is that the typical videos with a collection of ten indie games shown in one minute are usually negligible.” No one is able to get anything out of it in such a short time. “We can almost say it’s a waste of time.”

It concretized on the independent developments that “there was a time and a place, in the initial phase of PlayStation 4, to make a declaration of intent.” It was a more focused statement about how serious we are with the indies and that we were doing some things and others with them. No Man’s Sky and many others, who exploded and found their own niche, “he said.” “Now, as you know, we have tons of independent play on our platform, and the fact of not choosing the independent to be on stage during the past week, as great tourism or playlink, does not mean that it is not important, that they are not there or that we do not worry.” “It was just a good thing to talk about it in 2013 or 2014, it’s less relevant now.”


The businessman believes that the company now has new fronts to face in its entertainment division: “We have virtual reality to speak now, for example”. The launch of independent games has not slowed down in recent months on Sony platforms.

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