Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld: When bad guys goes to Mardigras

GTA style games are my favorite and Gangstar is definitely one of them so lets take a closer look at the game as we explore what the developers have crafted for us. Our protagonist today is attracted to noise, fights, fast cars and machine guns. It is comfortable in the cities of Vice. So, in this New Orleans OpenWorld Gangstar, you have come to this beautiful city, to enjoy the whole party, the parades, the color of the streets and the easy girls.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld – more sandbox than ever

Gameloft brings us a new delivery of its franchise entitled Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld. If the accounts don’t fail me, this is the ninth title of the saga. They’re making the most of the performance, which is the reference sandbox for mobile devices. This time the game comes with more guns, more vehicles and more peculiar characters. But above all, the map has widened enormously, and the power to roam freely at your ease, makes us be hooked on our devices for hours.

Set in the already, hugely famous city of New Orleans (you have to see the promotion that they are giving in films and series following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina), you will be able to take your character to face the missions necessary to become the owner of organized crime. Along the way you can enjoy the peculiar charm of the city and, of course, join the carnival.

Earn respect at gunpoint

I suppose many of you already know what the roll is, but if you have just fallen from a guindo or have been hibernating in a cave for the last 15 years, I can catch up quickly.

The Gangstar saga is what is the mobile copy of the Grand Theft Auto 3 game (GTA3). And it’s about an aspiring gangter who wants to become a city owner at all costs. To do this, you will not hesitate to take your machine gun and load it to anyone who gets ahead. You will receive missions to climb the Crime Guild and make a name for yourself in the territory. The goal is to seize control of the whole city, make money, respect and sow chaos among the police.

That is basically the mechanics of the game, but now delve a little more so that you do not doubt whether or not to try this gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld.

The gangster’s Fat book

We can clearly differentiate two modes of play; One is to follow the story mode, where through getting in touch with other characters you can perform missions to help you achieve your goals. The other way is to control the territory, where you have to complete a series of actions to earn the respect of the area and get to earn money with your business.

Every time you try a mission you will consume energy points. When you finish it successfully you will be rewarded with money, jewels, items to improve your inventory, weapons or new cars. You can also get new thugs to be put at your service, because when you take control of a territory you will need people to defend you while you wide the business.

These rewards are given through jars of spirits, which are the equivalent of the prize boxes that exist in almost all the Games f2p for mobile.

Look for the ramps to go to the top

The first thing you’ll see to play, will be the New Orleans city map. In addition to telling you your current position, you will be able to consult everything you need. Your territories, messages from the other characters to carry out your missions, your daily goals and your achievements (which will give you more rewards), your inventory and your social zone to get in touch with your friends.

The map also hides hidden collectibles, so the duration to completely complete the game can become endless.

One of the attractions of this type of game is the possibility of driving any kind of vehicle that we see, each with different characteristics. It will not be the same driving a car as a motorbike, a trailer or a backhoe. They all give their game and are very fun to wear. But, what’s cool, is to find some of the many ramps spread across the map, catch speed and take a mind-blowing jump in slow motion to leave everyone with their mouths open.

Hey, man, you want to make some easy money?

If you already have experience in this type of games, I am sure that this gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld will not disappoint you. If you don’t have it, try to delve into this atmosphere of action and destruction, because once you’re inside, it won’t leave you indifferent.

For more information on the game enter our complete guide to Gangstar New Orleans. Until then enjoy the amplitude of the map and take off the stress by hitting 4 shots out there.

Whats the Gameplay?

The game has all the features to be a game. It has a wide map to move freely, many gadgets to configure, objects to collect, etc. It has a lot of action and a well framed story. The weak point I find is the management of the character. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to move it where you want in the shooting scenes (which are a few). It makes you a little crazy when aiming at your goal or to get behind a wall. Sometimes there are so many chances to get out that it’s not comfortable at all.

Graphics & Effects

The graphics are nothing exceptional. Think of it as a large open world map and it takes a lot of resources. Note also that because you do not have a powerful device, the game is going to be jumping, which alters me enough. Even if you lower the resolution and detail, you may not be able to solve the problem completely. It is one of the drawbacks of this kind of games when we talk about playing on platforms with limited graphics resources.


It’s the best of the game. A soundtrack is heard according to the atmosphere of the same. It has rhythm, depth and becomes bearable. This is another of the features that made the GTA3 famous. Although it does not reach its level, it is clear that the reference is caught perfectly. Good job.

This is an endless game and we love it!

Finally, Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld is a game that is truly worth playing. It has hours and hours and hours of play. If you are one of the gamers who loves to search the games and get everything they have inside, you know that with a sandbox that you have assured. The number of weapons, vehicles, size of the map, quests, personalization of your character and so on, is so that this game never runs out.

On the other hand I think that, in this type of games, it gets a little heavy to play on the phone. That’s precisely why, because they’re games that never end. They are not to take a while while waiting for the doctor’s queue, but they are to lie down in bed at night to devote a lot of time. Although this is just my opinion of what must be a real mobile game.

Still, it is a market that needs to be covered. And Gameloft, with the power it has, is one of the few developers who are able to carry it out.

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