Excited about Spider Man Game? Too Bad in won’t be Available in some Gaming Consoles

I am sure you are pretty excited with the upcoming movie. ┬áSo I am sure you are also pumped up to know that a game is also being released! Spider-Man is definitely one of the most anticipated and desired PlayStation 4 exclusives of the moment. However, it seems that Spider-Man will not go from 30 fps in his adventure for Sony consoles. When asked on Twitter to their creators by the present possibility, Insomniac Games has ensured that the option to reduce the resolution from 4 K to 1080 p in PlayStation 4 Pro to reach a refresh rate of 60 is unlikely: “No, it’s not an option.” “We will optimize the best possible experience on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro”. This psn consoles are very cool indeed.
The video game will enjoy scaling to 4 K on the most recent domestic platform of the Japanese brand, but the rate of images per second is at 30 fps in any case. In another series of tweets, the developer has confirmed that they expect to show new details about the battle system or the first person vision of the game in future events, so it seems clear that Insomniac still reserves details about his awaited videogame. Our colleague Alejandro Pascual was able to see him in the past E3 2017. Don’t miss your impressions.

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