Cats: Build your Machine & Crush The Cat

Hey There! Thanks for visiting my site! You probably read my previous post on a Mobile Game called Army Men Strike. Well, Today I am gonna share another mobile game but I do hope cat lovers won’t hate me coz I am just here to review and I definitely am not the developer of the game lol. Anyway, Sunny days are coming and, for me, it’s the best time of year. Because you can enjoy even more of the outdoor activities. Like going out with the bike, take a soda on a terrace or go wash the car. Another thing I feel like is work with electrical appliances in the garage and invent new things.

And look at you where, have reached our smartphones some nice crawlers that are dedicated to something similar. The graceful girls have taken the blowtorch and made splendid automated killing machines to compete in combat to death. That this is surreal?

Cats – Crash Arena Turbo stars

To this day I will not discover Zeptolab. The prestigious Russian study, responsible for the famous titles “Cut the Rope” and “King of Thieves”. But these guys have come back to take a casual game full of creativity and addiction. It seems that they do not cost anything, but the power to create geniuses every step they give, is something worth admiring.

On this occasion, they have caught a feline theme to put some bad baba to those adorable mascotitass that so tenderness generates. These cats are real savages when they create their infernal robots. Their goal is not to destroy the engineering work in front of them and to reach the top of the competition.

I thought I saw a cute kitten jump

Now let’s see what the mechanics of the game and its goal. In cats, your cat has several pieces to create an automated destruction machine. You’ll have a chassis to mount rockets, chainsaws, drills and powerful wheels. Your robot will move automatically, you won’t have to do anything, just watch the fight. He will advance forward, towards your opponent, and the one standing, wins the assault.

It depends on your combination of gadgets you will have more or less success in your battles. You will face another player who has set up another robot. Whoever comes out wins, earns points to go climbing in the overall ranking. In addition, you will be granted boxes that contain more pieces to improve your beast.

The grandeur of the game lies in the skill you have in designing your killer vehicle. If you are passionate about engineering, you enjoy creating automated machines and then see the action from the outside, this game is for you. But of course, if you are one of those who enjoy more flying, live the action from within and test your skills with the controls, you may be a little disappointed in that section.

I’m sure my cat is stronger than yours.

Other important features we can mention are; That you can improve the weapons by merging the pieces that you are not using. You can compete in a league to go ascending gradually. Which will cause more powerful weapons to appear in the following boxes. And you can connect with your Facebook friends to see who is best handled in the engineering world.

Note: We are assured that no cat has been harmed in the execution of this game. It can be seen perfectly that when a machine is destroyed, the cat is thrown by the air with a parachute. There’s nothing more to add.

So, how’s the Gameplay?

As I commented earlier, this game is rather passive. You can only edit your robot and let it act. The truth is that it is quite funny to see how they destroy each other automatically, but you may miss some skill when handling your vehicle. Although it is true that that is not what was intended when they created the game. That gives him his note of distinction and what makes him attractive in front of the rest. It’s a success for me.

Cute Graphics!

Two-dimensional graphics that are very similar to those already seen in other titles of the developer. They have nothing special or surprising. The movements of the machines are simple and do not seem to involve much mystery. However, you can highlight the consistency and style presented on each of the game screens.

Nice Sound!

Good sound effects taken from any mechanical workshop. You miss some cat meow or similar, as it is part of the theme and I, I remember, I have not heard any in the game.

Rock music for melodies. They are well prepared and adjusted. Slow music for the menus and some more cane for the battles. The menu becomes repetitive. And the battles, being very short, to give dynamism to the game, does not seem to have taken much effort.

Final, Here’s what I think
We have a game to entertain us sporadically. I like to see something different and creative in the way you play. And here the boys have done very well. The thing about adjusting your killer robot and then fighting in an automated way is not something to see every day.

But it is true that I miss more interaction at the moment of action. Personally, I prefer to crush buttons and be attentive to the unforeseen to demonstrate my ability to command. That creates a better gaming experience for me.

However, it is a game that is worth trying and is also supported by a great development study. Try it, see what you think.

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