Army Men Strike: Lets Create An Army of Toy Soldiers

Yes, we love talking about playstation games and all but today we will talk about Army men strike, a game created by the company Lunanova for the mobile gamers – Android and iOS. Form your army, become the best leader of all, improve your units and check that your defenses are at maximum.

In this game you have to be always very attentive or you may lose the fight or even lose the war against the enemy. Generate your resources to be able to continue creating better structures and you can create more units or to be able to continue making the barracks better.

Take pride in the green Army

We’ll go back to our children’s time and play with our plastic soldiers. In this case we will not ally with the Green Army and fight against the units of the Yellow Army in a war plagued with action. Show that you are the most suitable to command the Green Army in this incredible game.

Army men strike is a great game of strategy and military logic. As discussed above we will have to create units, think strategies and discover how to attack to win the victory. You can’t afford to miss any battalion against the Yellow Army.

When you think you’re ready, enter the Alliance

Join an alliance in order to help other leaders in their struggle and in return they will support you. When you get bored of fighting against the yellows, go out to the multiplayer map and fight against others or face dark units.

Remember to always help your allies when they are attacked, is a fundamental thing in an alliance and do not allow anyone to destroy your base. For this you will have to create a super defenses.

Improve your defense in Army men strike

It goes up more and more and improves everything you can, the game is not a pay to win so you can play it without having to spend real money on it. That if, if you want to have the benefits you have to do it.

When you level up you can improve many things and you will be able to fight better in multiplayer mode. Also there is always a train that brings many provisions so you can continue playing and have no excuses of anything.

Army men strike has a gameplay type clash of Clan and other games of that style. It focuses on creating units, creating your alliance, improving our barracks and our buildings.

The grace lies on how you play the game, which can bring us a very pleasant nostalgia of the time to play with plastic soldiers. The rest would be equal to the other games, but including things that go with the theme of the game and the theme on which it is based.


It has very good graphics to be a new company that in theory is starting to start. The soldiers have very good animations. are well done, the environments are also very well, as are the screens. It demonstrates the effort put into the hands of the Lunanova team for this great game that they performed.


It stands out for the military music it possesses. The music of charge is fun and brings many memories for those who hear and know it. It has really good music and is nice to hear, the voices are fine and the soundtrack does not bore to be playing for a long time.

So, What do we think of the Game?

Lunanova has created a great game to capture. It shows a lot of the commitment they had in the realization of their game.

So to be a first game I find it very acceptable the level of construction that has the game and has many qualities to be a great game. And they will be a great company for creating mobile games.

What could be questioned is that it is almost the same as several games that are of the same theme in the market and this could make it not shine much.

The waiting time to perform certain things as units and that is very long. I don’t know if it’s a strategy for players to spend money on the game.

Army men strike is entertaining and can help you hang out as long as you have Internet connection. But in spite of this I have no other negative point to the game.

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