Sara Niemietz doing Pokemon Theme Song – CRAZY!

A very cool and relaxing jazz for the Pokemon done by Sara Niemietz! This is probably one of the best theme songs I have heard and it simply adds more juice the the every loved game pokemon.

The game has been in a number of consoles when released by Nintendo to mention some old favorites that I used to play on my GameBoy Advance. But I guess those old consoles are aged old and it would be a bit awkward if you walk around carrying it. Good thing there are the so called Emulators that you can just install on your iphone or android phone and continue to play the game without having to be worried that you would look like an old man child mind walker.

Now back to the music and theme song, errr… well, just listen to it and you’ll know what I am talking about!

#1 Christmas Movie Releases 2015

This is a long awaited epic space opera movie. This film is directed, co-produced and co-written by J. J. Abrams. This is the seventh installment of the movie Star Wars series that was stared by Harrison Ford. This movie is approximately 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi (1983).

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the first trilogy sequel to be out. So we still have 2 more movies to watch out from Star Wars. Even the storyline of this movie has been rewritten the author of this book still remains as a creative consultant during the movie.


#3 Christmas Movie Releases 2015

This is the latest movie of Will Smith Concussion is a biographical sports thriller drama. Smith as Bennet Omalu a forensic pathologist who fought against National Football League to suppress his research on the brain damage suffered by the players. The movie is bassed on the GQ expose Game Brain (2009) by Jeanne Marie Laskas. Other stars of this film are Alec Baldwin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Albert Brooks.  This movie will surely touch you hearts.

5 Great and Effective Tips for SimCity Buildit

simcity buildit tips and tricks ios android

      1. Broadening and Growing Your Population is Crucial to Your Success – Producing a huge city and growing your population without too many problems is the name of the game. This in turn leads to your customized city significantly raising in population. Have lots of individuals relocate by constructing plenty of new residences and also upgrading them as much as possible. More people residing in your city indicates you’ll gain a lot more tax that can be made use of for improvement. Build up a few parks, keep your city’s populace pleased and you’ll accumulate a lot more coins on a daily basis from your Town hall.
      2. Pay Close Attention to Your Buildings’ Area of Effect – Effectively running suburbs in the game implies making excellent use of the city solutions offered to you. Residential zones most definitely require fire stations, police stations as well as various other structures of their order developed within the area. These structures ought to be developed as well as positioned in close proximity to household zones, which results in a favorable location of result and helps that area produce even more tax income. At the same time, you have to place factories away from your residential lots since this structures produce pollution which is detrimental to your Sims.
      3. Make Your Factories Work for You Always even when you are Not Playing -Accumulated manufacturing facilities produce basic materials, such as Minerals, Seeds, Wood, Plastic as well as Steel. Prior to you have the tendency to the other important aspects of your city, make sure you set the jobs needed to generate these products ahead of time. Finishing off these products leads to your stores having the things needed to generate their goods after all. While your waiting for all these goods to get to the end of their manufacturing time appropriation, kill a long time and also function around your suburbs. For the products that take a lot longer to complete generating, set them to work during those durations of you leaving the game.
      4. Constantly Keep an Excellent Mix of Materials  – Upgrading household structures indicates you’ll need to collect the materials compiled from manufacturing facilities and the products that come right from your establishments. Make sure you have a good mix of raw materials and store produced items at all times so you could keep your population satisfied and also develop a much healthier community for them. Keep your commercial location far away from your suburb.
      5. Trading Posts Will Get You The Products You’ll Need at a Much Cheaper Rate – Making friends with on-line gamers of this video game will introduce you to trading blog posts. Make sure you visit their dynamic cities every day and also access their trading posts. You will find and discover great opportunities and deals to buy the numerous materials you need at a more affordable price.

This are a few of the many sim city buildit triche that you will find when playing this iphone game. I even found a good simcity build it iphone cheats which I will share to you later on. It is a very well crafted video game for the mobile platform which everybody can enjoy while having some extra time. But be warned because this game can be addictive and you might spend too  much time playing with it instead of doing other fruitful things.

If you need more cheat guides or building strategies or ways to earn more simoleons faster, be sure to check out this facebook page I found for Simcity buildit.

Galaxy S6 Snick Peak

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is visiting be introduced in merely a number of weeks now, regarding a launch day verified to coincide with the MWC show in Barcelona – see below. Our group will certainly go to the occasion to offer you live coverage of the news as well as our hands-on viewpoints of all the new hardware at the occasion, including the Galaxy S6 itself and its heavily-rumoured curved-edge variation.

It might be a couple much more weeks to precede the launch, however there’re great deals we already know about the brand-new mobile. We’ve collated all the most effective leaks and also rumours here, went over how exact they’re likely to be, and provided our own ideas on exactly how they will certainly impact the success of the Galaxy S6.

samsung s6

Samsung Galaxy S6 launch day – 1st March launch CONFIRMED
After a great deal of conjecture and hearsay, the official invite has actually gone out and also we understand that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will certainly launch on the First March 2016 at the MWC program in Barcelona. This adheres to the same pattern as in 2013, where the Samsung Galaxy S5 was additionally gone for MWC; before that the Galaxy S3 and also the Galaxy S4 went for committed events later in the springtime.

The taster image used for journalism welcome programs what appear like a very slim profile of a mobile phone with a rounded kink in the screen, this supports rumours that Samsung will certainly be bringing the curved display modern technology seen in its Galaxy Note Side to its front runner gadget. We expect to view two smartphones, one with the contour as well as one without. Some fans have currently been speculating on Twitter about just what the taster image may be hiding, with some individuals even buffooning up their very own images to reveal a distinctly Keep in mind Edge-type gadget.

Obviously, a launch event doesn’t indicate you can head out as well as purchase the phone the following day. Samsung has actually been rather slow-moving in obtaining its phones on sale in the previous. The S5 didn’t go on sale till April 11th, and also unless Samsung has actually done something radical we wouldn’t anticipate the S6 to be in our hands until early April either.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – say goodbye to bloatware
It’ll be good news all-round if this rumour turns out to be true: Samsung’s visiting ditch the bloatware. According to a source speaking to Sammobile, Samsung is ready to ditch all of the pre-installed apps on its phone, cutting it down to near-stock Android levels. And also minimizing storage area, it must do marvels for the phone’s efficiency, while providing people the cleaner installation that they want. Regarding this system, customers need just download the applications that they actually want.

We have no idea which apps Samsung is eliminating, but it is apparently going to getting in some Microsoft apps, consisting of OneNote, OneDrive, Workplace Mobile and Skype. This is an outcome of Microsoft wanting to press its modern technology on the preferred Android system, as Windows Phone has yet to really provide, yet it could additionally be as an outcome of the recent patent instance between both teams. As for we view it, the reasons aren’t vital; less bloatware and also a slicker experience are something to anticipate.

Samsung Galaxy S6 design – All metal
Samsung releases a huge number of mobile phones every year as well as although the brand-new S-series version is the greatest, you could discover a great deal by considering the designs of the others. In late 2014, we had the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which is the business’s brand-new premium-build mobile phone constructed from a metal situation. Samsung then rolled out the very same style on the Galaxy Note 4 and its upcoming A collection of Galaxy phones, such as the A3 and also A5 and also the freshly announced A7, which will certainly additionally be getting complete metal unibodies.

Samsung additionally validated in its revenues record that it will certainly be moving far from plastic smartphones this year, more suggesting that the Galaxy S6 will certainly either be made from metal or glass as previous rumours have suggested. Samsung revealed that its mobile business had actually had “weak profits” in 2014, but it wished to “concentrate on rehabilitation by separating its mobile devices utilizing brand-new products and also layouts”.

That concept wants to have actually been sustained by a leak of photos on the French site For beginners, from the side view, the phone is evocative the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and also the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. These smartphones were Samsung’s initial step to using costs products, with both phones have a steel rim, although they had plastic backs to provide a detachable battery.

Regarding the Galaxy S6, the photos reveal a full-metal unibody layout, which would certainly recommend that the electric battery on this model will certainly not be removable. Provided the most likely power cost savings from a boosted Exynos CPU and also, possibly, the new PoP memory, a detachable electric battery is no more a requirement for a lot of individuals. Besides, from our viewpoint, we ‘d rather have a metal phone that feels and look like a costs device than a plastic phone regarding a removable electric battery that feels and look a little economical.

From all-time low, the layout looks extremely much like that of the apple iphone 6, regarding a rounded metal base. Even the micro-USB port on the bottom is in the exact same place as the apple iphone 6’s Lightning port.

That said, from the side sights, the Galaxy S6 looks significantly various and it excels to see Samsung use better-quality materials in its phone. Whether it’s enough to convince individuals to get this model will have to be seen, but points are beginning to seek out currently for the business. We’ll be at the launch event in Barcelona to bring you the complete information of the phone as it introduces.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Exynos or Qualcomm?
Previous Galaxy S-series phones were available regarding different specs in various regions. You might acquire an S5, as an example, regarding Samsung’s own Exynos chipset or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon relying on where you acquired it on the planet. Thankfully that aims to have finished regarding all the present rumours recommending that the S6 models will certainly make use of Samsung’s very own Exynos chip.

This is because of many outlets stating that the Snapdragon 810 chipset has been having considerable heat exhaust problems, inducing phones to run as well warm. Because of this, Qualcomm has allegedly been working with a brand-new version of the chipset specifically for Samsung, which Phone Arena says should prepare in time for March. Though that’s far from specific.

Additionally to this, Qualcomm’s Q4 financial record exposed that it had “assumptions that our Snapdragon 810 processor will not be in the upcoming layout pattern of a huge customer’s flagship device.” While this could possibly refer to any major phone manufacturer, the current rumblings suggest that Samsung might well be the “huge client” concerned.

Bring in additional energy to the fire is that Samsung has merely announced that it’s started to standardize its own ePoP (embedded plan on plan) memory for its high-end smartphones. The chip squeezes 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (plus a memory controller) right into a solitary plan that can then be stacked in addition to the mobile cpu without using up any sort of extra area. Formerly, Samsung made use of two-package eMCP (embedded multi-chip package) memory, which was positioned along with the processor chip on the primary motherboard. The new ePoP remedy, on the various other hand, conserves a lot even more room and also will potentially allow Samsung to utilize that added room for a bigger electric battery.

What’s specifically interesting regarding this statement, though, is that this 3GB memory requirements suits specifically regarding the rumoured Exynos variation of the Galaxy S6, not the expected 4GB Snapdragon.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Specifications and also Benchmarks
Dealing with the presumption that it’ll be a Exynos chip, nearly all the Galaxy S6’s specs were dripped online when it was spotted being benchmarked on the AnTuTu application in China. Baseding on the rumours, this variation will have a 64-bit octa-core Exynos processor chip with an ARM Mail-T760 GPU and 3GB of RAM. It will additionally contend least 32GB of storage space and will certainly be running Android 5.0 Lollipop.

PhoneArena has additionally found the S6 Side in the GeekBench results, revealing that it could be a lot more effective compared to Apple’s iPad Air 2. The essential figure below is its multi-core rating of 5,077, which is practically 500 factors over Apple’s latest tablet computer, which presently holds the leading rating. That’s pretty remarkable, as it needs to imply lightning rapid efficiency that’s far as well as above anything else that’s currently offered on the market.

The single-core rating isn’t quite as remarkable, as the apple iphone 6, apple iphone 6 Plus as well as the Nexus 9 tablet have all took care of greater ratings, but we question any sort of difference in rate will certainly become a visible problem when the smartphone actually launches.

Self Driving Cars from Apple? A new Wave of the Future

apple car conceptFollowing up on yesterday’s series of reports about a “top-secret research study group” at Apple working on an electrical auto, Reuters now evaluates in with its very own source asserting the project involves a self-driving electrical car.
Innovation huge Apple is discovering how you can make a self-driving electric auto and also is speaking to experts at carmakers and also auto distributors, an automotive source knowledgeable about the talks said on Saturday.

Apple iCar - jeden z wielu projektówThe Cupertino, California-based maker of phones, computers and watches is checking out how to make an entire automobile, not just making auto software application or individual components, the source claimed.

“They don’t appear to desire a bunch of assistance from carmakers,” the source, that decreased to be named, claimed.
The source’s of case of self-driving abilities for the automobile directly contradicts the other day’s Commercial Diary report, which especially mentioned a self-driving automobile was not part of the initiative. Reuters’ source is from the automobile industry instead of at Apple directly, so it is vague how total the source’s info is.

Apple would certainly not be the only significant modern technology business working on self-driving vehicles, as Google has been dealing with such a job for a variety of years and has actually made significant progression in the location. Significant car suppliers are additionally striving on innovation that would certainly make their automobiles at the very least rather independent.

Yesterday’s record from The Wall Street Journal provided a fair little bit of detail on Apple’s efforts, noting that Tim Cook authorized the job in 2012. Former Ford designer as well as long time Apple style vice president Steve Zadesky allowed to construct a team of as much as 1,000 workers greatly from within the business to work with the task at a Silicon Valley area different from Apple’s primary campus.