Excited about Spider Man Game? Too Bad in won’t be Available in some Gaming Consoles

I am sure you are pretty excited with the upcoming movie.  So I am sure you are also pumped up to know that a game is also being released! Spider-Man is definitely one of the most anticipated and desired PlayStation 4 exclusives of the moment. However, it seems that Spider-Man will not go from 30 fps in his adventure for Sony consoles. When asked on Twitter to their creators by the present possibility, Insomniac Games has ensured that the option to reduce the resolution from 4 K to 1080 p in PlayStation 4 Pro to reach a refresh rate of 60 is unlikely: “No, it’s not an option.” “We will optimize the best possible experience on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro”. This psn consoles are very cool indeed.
The video game will enjoy scaling to 4 K on the most recent domestic platform of the Japanese brand, but the rate of images per second is at 30 fps in any case. In another series of tweets, the developer has confirmed that they expect to show new details about the battle system or the first person vision of the game in future events, so it seems clear that Insomniac still reserves details about his awaited videogame. Our colleague Alejandro Pascual was able to see him in the past E3 2017. Don’t miss your impressions.

Forza 7 will be seen on Xbox One X as in an Expensive PC

Chris Tector is one of the leading creative managers of Forza Motorsport 7, and has spoken with the digital foundry portal about some aspects of technological interest on the driving title they are waiting to launch this same year.
“Instead of trying to make you with a pc of several thousand dollars you can get to move with that quality to this game, we will have people playing in console to 4 K native and 60 frames per second.” “It’s going to be awesome,” says Tector. “It is very important for us to have a native resolution because we want to have the surface estimations for each pixel (…)” “Even 4 K we still have a little bit of sawtooth, but it’s the kind of thing we’re fighting for in the future with a lot of work.”
“Even when you’re going to see a movie and it’s projected into 4 K you keep watching a compressed video and running at 24 frames per second,” said the executive. “In 4 K games you’re looking at the cleanest and least-compressed pixels you can see, and at 60 frames per second.” “And the cool thing is that we’re getting this standard for console players.”
Yes, you’ve gotten into a conversation I didn’t talk to you about and then I got involved, so you have to have little shame to accuse anyone of getting into a conversation when you’ve done the same thing. It is easy to understand, of course if you do not know or want to do a click the same is asking too much.
A PC of 500 euros lasts the same as the console, you have to be ignorant to say the opposite. While the console receives games these will have a minimum that a similar hardware can support, what is not going to make a PC of 500 euros is to move all the games in ultra neither today nor in a few years, exactly like the console.
I don’t give a damn if you’re interested in the console or not, if you laws what comments apart from seeing various budgets you would see as I do not try to condition or recommend where anyone has to play, that everyone play where you want, would be more.
The news tells that X moves the games as a PC of “thousands of dollars” stick to it and not marees. There are several budgets of just over 500 euros that not only match it but surpass it. Disassembled fallacy. If you want to put an SSD to the PC when x does not take it, if you want to talk about future performance and others are making excuses and you’re going by the tangent.
You can try to divert what you want, I’m not going to leave a comma of what is spoken, with others like you work the damage but with me I’m sorry but no, not even if you proclaim sea bream.

Sony justifies the lack of indies at the E3 conference: “They are less relevant now”

Jim Ryan, big of sales and marketing of the global division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has starred in an interesting interview with Games Industry in which he has not hesitated to offer his personal vision on the conference of his company in the past E3 2017. Without any hair on his tongue, as he demonstrated a few days ago when it comes to talking about Retro compatibility and the PlayStation brand, he wanted to justify the absence of independent games during the conference. Ryan was very opposed to the clips that unite several independent video games in one space. He explained that “one of the things we have noticed is that the typical videos with a collection of ten indie games shown in one minute are usually negligible.” No one is able to get anything out of it in such a short time. “We can almost say it’s a waste of time.”

It concretized on the independent developments that “there was a time and a place, in the initial phase of PlayStation 4, to make a declaration of intent.” It was a more focused statement about how serious we are with the indies and that we were doing some things and others with them. No Man’s Sky and many others, who exploded and found their own niche, “he said.” “Now, as you know, we have tons of independent play on our platform, and the fact of not choosing the independent to be on stage during the past week, as great tourism or playlink, does not mean that it is not important, that they are not there or that we do not worry.” “It was just a good thing to talk about it in 2013 or 2014, it’s less relevant now.”


The businessman believes that the company now has new fronts to face in its entertainment division: “We have virtual reality to speak now, for example”. The launch of independent games has not slowed down in recent months on Sony platforms.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld: When bad guys goes to Mardigras

GTA style games are my favorite and Gangstar is definitely one of them so lets take a closer look at the game as we explore what the developers have crafted for us. Our protagonist today is attracted to noise, fights, fast cars and machine guns. It is comfortable in the cities of Vice. So, in this New Orleans OpenWorld Gangstar, you have come to this beautiful city, to enjoy the whole party, the parades, the color of the streets and the easy girls.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld – more sandbox than ever

Gameloft brings us a new delivery of its franchise entitled Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld. If the accounts don’t fail me, this is the ninth title of the saga. They’re making the most of the performance, which is the reference sandbox for mobile devices. This time the game comes with more guns, more vehicles and more peculiar characters. But above all, the map has widened enormously, and the power to roam freely at your ease, makes us be hooked on our devices for hours.

Set in the already, hugely famous city of New Orleans (you have to see the promotion that they are giving in films and series following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina), you will be able to take your character to face the missions necessary to become the owner of organized crime. Along the way you can enjoy the peculiar charm of the city and, of course, join the carnival.

Earn respect at gunpoint

I suppose many of you already know what the roll is, but if you have just fallen from a guindo or have been hibernating in a cave for the last 15 years, I can catch up quickly.

The Gangstar saga is what is the mobile copy of the Grand Theft Auto 3 game (GTA3). And it’s about an aspiring gangter who wants to become a city owner at all costs. To do this, you will not hesitate to take your machine gun and load it to anyone who gets ahead. You will receive missions to climb the Crime Guild and make a name for yourself in the territory. The goal is to seize control of the whole city, make money, respect and sow chaos among the police.

That is basically the mechanics of the game, but now delve a little more so that you do not doubt whether or not to try this gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld.

The gangster’s Fat book

We can clearly differentiate two modes of play; One is to follow the story mode, where through getting in touch with other characters you can perform missions to help you achieve your goals. The other way is to control the territory, where you have to complete a series of actions to earn the respect of the area and get to earn money with your business.

Every time you try a mission you will consume energy points. When you finish it successfully you will be rewarded with money, jewels, items to improve your inventory, weapons or new cars. You can also get new thugs to be put at your service, because when you take control of a territory you will need people to defend you while you wide the business.

These rewards are given through jars of spirits, which are the equivalent of the prize boxes that exist in almost all the Games f2p for mobile.

Look for the ramps to go to the top

The first thing you’ll see to play, will be the New Orleans city map. In addition to telling you your current position, you will be able to consult everything you need. Your territories, messages from the other characters to carry out your missions, your daily goals and your achievements (which will give you more rewards), your inventory and your social zone to get in touch with your friends.

The map also hides hidden collectibles, so the duration to completely complete the game can become endless.

One of the attractions of this type of game is the possibility of driving any kind of vehicle that we see, each with different characteristics. It will not be the same driving a car as a motorbike, a trailer or a backhoe. They all give their game and are very fun to wear. But, what’s cool, is to find some of the many ramps spread across the map, catch speed and take a mind-blowing jump in slow motion to leave everyone with their mouths open.

Hey, man, you want to make some easy money?

If you already have experience in this type of games, I am sure that this gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld will not disappoint you. If you don’t have it, try to delve into this atmosphere of action and destruction, because once you’re inside, it won’t leave you indifferent.

For more information on the game enter our complete guide to Gangstar New Orleans. Until then enjoy the amplitude of the map and take off the stress by hitting 4 shots out there.

Whats the Gameplay?

The game has all the features to be a game. It has a wide map to move freely, many gadgets to configure, objects to collect, etc. It has a lot of action and a well framed story. The weak point I find is the management of the character. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to move it where you want in the shooting scenes (which are a few). It makes you a little crazy when aiming at your goal or to get behind a wall. Sometimes there are so many chances to get out that it’s not comfortable at all.

Graphics & Effects

The graphics are nothing exceptional. Think of it as a large open world map and it takes a lot of resources. Note also that because you do not have a powerful device, the game is going to be jumping, which alters me enough. Even if you lower the resolution and detail, you may not be able to solve the problem completely. It is one of the drawbacks of this kind of games when we talk about playing on platforms with limited graphics resources.


It’s the best of the game. A soundtrack is heard according to the atmosphere of the same. It has rhythm, depth and becomes bearable. This is another of the features that made the GTA3 famous. Although it does not reach its level, it is clear that the reference is caught perfectly. Good job.

This is an endless game and we love it!

Finally, Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld is a game that is truly worth playing. It has hours and hours and hours of play. If you are one of the gamers who loves to search the games and get everything they have inside, you know that with a sandbox that you have assured. The number of weapons, vehicles, size of the map, quests, personalization of your character and so on, is so that this game never runs out.

On the other hand I think that, in this type of games, it gets a little heavy to play on the phone. That’s precisely why, because they’re games that never end. They are not to take a while while waiting for the doctor’s queue, but they are to lie down in bed at night to devote a lot of time. Although this is just my opinion of what must be a real mobile game.

Still, it is a market that needs to be covered. And Gameloft, with the power it has, is one of the few developers who are able to carry it out.

Transformers combatants-giant robot fights

The new Transformers movie is soon to come out and its no surprise that games connected to the movie also surface for fans to play.  And that is what we will talk about today! Yes this particular game is created by the well-known mobile game developer named Kabam. This is a company that has managed to make a very large place in the mobile market with its great games like Marvel Comics contest of Champions.

Today it is the turn of the new game made on the franchise of Transformers called Transformers combatants or also known in English by Transformers forged to fight.

Lead the Autobots and Triumph

In Transformers combatants The Transformers of the entire history of the franchise are being drawn to the battle by a mysterious enemy and also with this to many confrontations. The characters of the first generation, the wars of the Beasts, the Michael Bayverse and more confront each other in battles one by one for the resources that are in this mysterious place and to be able to show who dominates that place.

We are facing an evolution of the graphic engine of the game Marvel Comics contest of champion, the new addition would be that of an element for 3d movement through a sidestepping mechanic.

Simple game form and beast Combos

You have a surprising amount of control over your bot. Everything is blows and blows but you can change the distance between you and your enemy to change your options. Combining different attacks is the key here, as well as making sure you’re not getting a beating from your enemy by using blocks and dodging.

Overcome all obstacles and enter the Multi player mode

Each stage is a map with branching paths. Allowing players to deviate from the path of least resistance in order to fight powerful enemies for more substantial rewards.

On the multiplayer side, each player gets a base where they can harvest resources, assigning unused bots to protect themselves from invading others. Players can also form Participating alliances in alliance battles for even greater rewards. It’s pretty standard free to play.

Get new transformers and build your team

As in most games, the essential thing is to collect as many characters as you can and then see how they hit others. The new bots come through crystals won through the game or bought with real-world money. It’s pretty random. Getting a character you love is a great feeling.

There is a rock-paper-scissors style system that gives certain advantages of robots over others. So you have to control that you use the best robots for that occasion.
We also have a team of three robots that we can choose from. There is a larger list of other units that can be swapped at the beginning of the missions since the fighting style is different in each robot.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Transformers combatants is good and fluent, for those who already played the game of Marvel Comics contest of champion, it will seem the same. The difference is that the gameplay is improved to conform to what would be the Transformers with new dynamics and combos. Unlike that it’s identical to all the 3d fighting games.

Graphics Transitions

The game presents very good graphics especially when we talk about the designs of the bots and the scenarios themselves. The game looks great when you play on a high-end mobile. But still using a mobile that is not of that range, you can enjoy some very good graphics.

Sound and Effects

In this section it has very good musical ambience but can go back tedious and repetitive when you take a good time playing. Apart from that it has very sound section.

And we Conclude…
Transformers combatants are attractive graphically and are very well made 3d animations. Especially when the bots move sideways. The game is entertaining and its story is good, you don’t need to spend real money to have an experience to 100%. This demonstrates the great potential of Kabam to perform triple-A games.

The negative I can find would be that it is almost the same as Marvel Comics contest of champion, but with Transformers and another story, but the rest for me fulfills his mission, which is entertaining.

Cats: Build your Machine & Crush The Cat

Hey There! Thanks for visiting my site! You probably read my previous post on a Mobile Game called Army Men Strike. Well, Today I am gonna share another mobile game but I do hope cat lovers won’t hate me coz I am just here to review and I definitely am not the developer of the game lol. Anyway, Sunny days are coming and, for me, it’s the best time of year. Because you can enjoy even more of the outdoor activities. Like going out with the bike, take a soda on a terrace or go wash the car. Another thing I feel like is work with electrical appliances in the garage and invent new things.

And look at you where, have reached our smartphones some nice crawlers that are dedicated to something similar. The graceful girls have taken the blowtorch and made splendid automated killing machines to compete in combat to death. That this is surreal?

Cats – Crash Arena Turbo stars

To this day I will not discover Zeptolab. The prestigious Russian study, responsible for the famous titles “Cut the Rope” and “King of Thieves”. But these guys have come back to take a casual game full of creativity and addiction. It seems that they do not cost anything, but the power to create geniuses every step they give, is something worth admiring.

On this occasion, they have caught a feline theme to put some bad baba to those adorable mascotitass that so tenderness generates. These cats are real savages when they create their infernal robots. Their goal is not to destroy the engineering work in front of them and to reach the top of the competition.

I thought I saw a cute kitten jump

Now let’s see what the mechanics of the game and its goal. In cats, your cat has several pieces to create an automated destruction machine. You’ll have a chassis to mount rockets, chainsaws, drills and powerful wheels. Your robot will move automatically, you won’t have to do anything, just watch the fight. He will advance forward, towards your opponent, and the one standing, wins the assault.

It depends on your combination of gadgets you will have more or less success in your battles. You will face another player who has set up another robot. Whoever comes out wins, earns points to go climbing in the overall ranking. In addition, you will be granted boxes that contain more pieces to improve your beast.

The grandeur of the game lies in the skill you have in designing your killer vehicle. If you are passionate about engineering, you enjoy creating automated machines and then see the action from the outside, this game is for you. But of course, if you are one of those who enjoy more flying, live the action from within and test your skills with the controls, you may be a little disappointed in that section.

I’m sure my cat is stronger than yours.

Other important features we can mention are; That you can improve the weapons by merging the pieces that you are not using. You can compete in a league to go ascending gradually. Which will cause more powerful weapons to appear in the following boxes. And you can connect with your Facebook friends to see who is best handled in the engineering world.

Note: We are assured that no cat has been harmed in the execution of this game. It can be seen perfectly that when a machine is destroyed, the cat is thrown by the air with a parachute. There’s nothing more to add.

So, how’s the Gameplay?

As I commented earlier, this game is rather passive. You can only edit your robot and let it act. The truth is that it is quite funny to see how they destroy each other automatically, but you may miss some skill when handling your vehicle. Although it is true that that is not what was intended when they created the game. That gives him his note of distinction and what makes him attractive in front of the rest. It’s a success for me.

Cute Graphics!

Two-dimensional graphics that are very similar to those already seen in other titles of the developer. They have nothing special or surprising. The movements of the machines are simple and do not seem to involve much mystery. However, you can highlight the consistency and style presented on each of the game screens.

Nice Sound!

Good sound effects taken from any mechanical workshop. You miss some cat meow or similar, as it is part of the theme and I, I remember, I have not heard any in the game.

Rock music for melodies. They are well prepared and adjusted. Slow music for the menus and some more cane for the battles. The menu becomes repetitive. And the battles, being very short, to give dynamism to the game, does not seem to have taken much effort.

Final, Here’s what I think
We have a game to entertain us sporadically. I like to see something different and creative in the way you play. And here the boys have done very well. The thing about adjusting your killer robot and then fighting in an automated way is not something to see every day.

But it is true that I miss more interaction at the moment of action. Personally, I prefer to crush buttons and be attentive to the unforeseen to demonstrate my ability to command. That creates a better gaming experience for me.

However, it is a game that is worth trying and is also supported by a great development study. Try it, see what you think.

Army Men Strike: Lets Create An Army of Toy Soldiers

Yes, we love talking about playstation games and all but today we will talk about Army men strike, a game created by the company Lunanova for the mobile gamers – Android and iOS. Form your army, become the best leader of all, improve your units and check that your defenses are at maximum.

In this game you have to be always very attentive or you may lose the fight or even lose the war against the enemy. Generate your resources to be able to continue creating better structures and you can create more units or to be able to continue making the barracks better.

Take pride in the green Army

We’ll go back to our children’s time and play with our plastic soldiers. In this case we will not ally with the Green Army and fight against the units of the Yellow Army in a war plagued with action. Show that you are the most suitable to command the Green Army in this incredible game.

Army men strike is a great game of strategy and military logic. As discussed above we will have to create units, think strategies and discover how to attack to win the victory. You can’t afford to miss any battalion against the Yellow Army.

When you think you’re ready, enter the Alliance

Join an alliance in order to help other leaders in their struggle and in return they will support you. When you get bored of fighting against the yellows, go out to the multiplayer map and fight against others or face dark units.

Remember to always help your allies when they are attacked, is a fundamental thing in an alliance and do not allow anyone to destroy your base. For this you will have to create a super defenses.

Improve your defense in Army men strike

It goes up more and more and improves everything you can, the game is not a pay to win so you can play it without having to spend real money on it. That if, if you want to have the benefits you have to do it.

When you level up you can improve many things and you will be able to fight better in multiplayer mode. Also there is always a train that brings many provisions so you can continue playing and have no excuses of anything.

Army men strike has a gameplay type clash of Clan and other games of that style. It focuses on creating units, creating your alliance, improving our barracks and our buildings.

The grace lies on how you play the game, which can bring us a very pleasant nostalgia of the time to play with plastic soldiers. The rest would be equal to the other games, but including things that go with the theme of the game and the theme on which it is based.


It has very good graphics to be a new company that in theory is starting to start. The soldiers have very good animations. are well done, the environments are also very well, as are the screens. It demonstrates the effort put into the hands of the Lunanova team for this great game that they performed.


It stands out for the military music it possesses. The music of charge is fun and brings many memories for those who hear and know it. It has really good music and is nice to hear, the voices are fine and the soundtrack does not bore to be playing for a long time.

So, What do we think of the Game?

Lunanova has created a great game to capture. It shows a lot of the commitment they had in the realization of their game.

So to be a first game I find it very acceptable the level of construction that has the game and has many qualities to be a great game. And they will be a great company for creating mobile games.

What could be questioned is that it is almost the same as several games that are of the same theme in the market and this could make it not shine much.

The waiting time to perform certain things as units and that is very long. I don’t know if it’s a strategy for players to spend money on the game.

Army men strike is entertaining and can help you hang out as long as you have Internet connection. But in spite of this I have no other negative point to the game.

Ubisoft claims its niche in video games

With the fight of Xbox and PlayStation to get the most powerful console on the market and with Nintendo innovating with the hybrid device Nintendo switch, the president of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, told Efe that these challenges stimulate the imagination of video game developers.

“Challenges are usually a way to be more creative.” “If you don’t set limits, you can’t create so much,” said Guillemot in an interview at E3, the big video game show held this week in Los Angeles.

code psn gratuit
“Having limits and restrictions is what makes us create better video games,” said Ubisoft’s top responsible for the positive effects that the sector will mark new challenges to continue growing.
The French developer offered at E3 one of the most eye-catching and commented conferences of the event, in large part because of the surprise appearance on the stage of the famous creator of “Super Mario”, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Guillemot and Miyamoto unveiled together in the Teatro Orpheum de Los Angeles The videogame adventure and strategy «Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle», which combines the characters of Nintendo’s «Super Mario» with those of the Rabbids of Ubisoft.

“They are two different universes but they are also two different types of people who share the same goal,” explained Guillemot on how the developers worked together from “different angles” but “with the same philosophy”.
Our teams loved this experience. “Learning from Miyamoto is really something you dream about and you think you can never do,” he added.

Guillemot, who showed admiration for Nintendo’s achievements in the sector, said they tried to “investigate and understand” why the Japanese company has become a beacon of industry.

“You have to be yourself, you have to create something that is really close to your heart, and if you do then you will achieve success,” he said.
The E3 was also the space in which Ubisoft presented “Assassin’s Creed Origins”, the new video game of his famous saga, this time centered in ancient Egypt, and also served to commemorate the ten years of his first installment.
Guillemot said they are very proud of the series “Assassin’s Creed”, as it has allowed players to travel “the future and the past” through the games.

Ubisoft also drew attention to the advancement of a game, “transference”, which for its use of film aesthetics could be an impulse for virtual reality.
“It goes well but it could go better,” Guillemot responded about the evolution and introduction of virtual reality in video games.

The executive noted that sometimes new technologies “require time to take off” and patience, but stressed the possibilities that open up for games such as “transference”, which “explores new worlds that we had not been able to explore in video games in the past.”

About the dispute between Microsoft (Xbox One X) and Sony (PlayStation 4 Pro) for dominating the market and achieving the most powerful console, the executive felt that it is “very good” for the industry.

“The more we have (in the consoles), the more credible the characters will be and the more similar the virtual world to our world,” he argued before ensuring that if there were a “ten times more powerful” console, they would also take full advantage of their potential.

“Life is a complex thing to dominate and put in a machine,” he mused on the obstacles that are overcome to clear the boundaries between real and virtual world.

Finally, Guillemot looked at the horizon and opened that retaining the best talent, technological evolution, streaming, greater interactivity, and the possibility that the characters “learn” from the users to play can be some of the keys in the future of video games